Session 08 – Part 2: Jane Waite (England)

Jane Waite (England)

A hands-on workshop to develop a set of potential goals for learning about AI - Jane Waite (England)

In this 70-minute workshop, we ask participants to contribute to the process of developing a set of potential goals for learning about AI. We will ask you to join a group that will consider students of a particular age and what they might know about AI. The age groups will be 7, 11, 14, and 18.

In this collaborative process, we hope to glean insights, share ideas and reflect on the progression of knowledge and mental models students might develop about AI. To support our group activity, we will introduce the SEAME framework, a simple way to group goals as social and ethical, application, model, or engine focused. We will also provide examples of learning goals and candidate concepts to start the process. It would be great to start to tease out what potential threshold concepts are critical to the progression of AI learning, and we hope this session will get us thinking deeply about this.


Jane Waite is a senior research scientist at the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre. The center is a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Jane researches the teaching and learning of computer science in schools, and one of the current focuses of her research group is what and how we might teach AI. Jane has researched how we teach programming to students and teachers, specifically design, computational thinking, PRIMM, semantic waves, and culturally relevant pedagogy. Jane has been an IT developer, a school teacher, and a teacher trainer.

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